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"The low point, said Rogers, 25, a medical researcher who now pedals 6
miles to work every day, was when a pedestrian punched her as she biked
down Commonwealth Avenue in Brighton."

jesus, wtf!? now i have roughly 947 questions about how, where, and why that went down. it blows my mind that anyone would be that violent towards a girl on a bike. a girl i work with and i recently ended up having a conversation regarding getting doored and apparently the last time she was doored it was intentional.. the guy got out, laughed at her, got back in and drove off. if people are capable of being that horrible to girls (not trying to sound sexist, but it is what it is) what the hell would they be willing to do to an asshole like me? bust out a shotgun and shoot my face off while rolling over my still warm, dead body? now i'm actually thinking of replacing the ipod mount on my bag with some kind of weapon. hmph. 


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> Technically, it's a "bike path" because it's not a lane on the
> roadway.  It looks awfully wide for being just a pedestrian sidewalk.
> I wonder if it's like that just to avoid the metal grate bridge
> surface or if it continues as a bike path instead of bike lane?
> > Perhaps this is a response to the complaints about the op-ed?
> >
> > http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/green/articles/2009/08/15/in_one_city_at_least_two_wheelers_welcome/
> >
> > The picture doesn't seem like a shining example of a bike lane though..
> >
> >>
> > That's not a bike lane at all.  That's a sidewalk.
> >
> >
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