[*BCM*] 4am ride

Ari Pollak ajp at aripollak.com
Sun Aug 9 09:34:32 EDT 2009


Normally someone announces it on this list, but that seems to not have
happened this year.

jb fentner wrote:
> can anyone provide me with some answers regarding why i just witnessed
> about a hundred people on bikes obviously partaking in some ride that
> left off from the BU campus near the BU bridge at 4am while i was riding
> home? i was going to ask someone what the deal was, but frankly i was
> trying to focus on the music i was listening to as that was the only
> thing keeping me going after getting trashed til 7am last night, working
> from 4pm to 1am, then having hours of drunk sex, and riding 5 or so
> miles home after all that on tires that are half flat 'cause i'm too
> lethargic to give my bike a proper once over.
> if any of you could provide me with some answers that would be great.
> i'm going to go fall on something now and hope that i don't die as a
> result of sleeping on it.
> -jb

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