[*BCM*] We've lost Sheldon.

Jonathan Fertig jonathan.fertig at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 00:12:23 EST 2008

If you are someone for whom bicycle maintenance has been a life-long
struggle and passion, you will be saddened to learn that dear Sheldon Brown,
of Harris Cyclery, has passed.
If one were to Google "bike repair," five steps down would be
If you were not familiar with Sheldon, walk to your bookshelf and throw out
every book on bicycle maintenance you have.  Now, go to the aforementioned
site, and feel the greasy glow of goodness.
Here you will find everything from the difference between English and
Italian threaded bottom brackets, to how to service a Rohloff rear hub atop
the Khyber pass with a nail clipper and dental floss.
We were lucky to have such a bicycle guru in our back yard, and I know that
Sheldon is passing all of the tools in their Ferraris on his 63-gear
franken-bike up the final summit.

thank you, friend.
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