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Lisa Williams lisa at cadence90.com
Mon Oct 8 23:40:41 EDT 2007

I assume that "lurkers" is a reference to the fact that most lists have 
a large proportion of people who might be described as "read only 
members," that is, people who subscribe to the list to read the posts 
but rarely write one. "Lurker" is a term that's in fairly wide use to 
describe a basic fact of most online communities. As a former MB board 
member and largely read-only member of the BCM list, I fall into this 
category, but I don't find LP's categorization or the word "lurker" 
offensive, just descriptive.

Despite the fact that I have delurked from the vast misty ether 
enveloping the series of tubes we know and love as our dear Internets, I 
can't answer the question, either ;->

-- Lisa Williams

robert fine wrote:
> Lee, can you elaborate on what you mean by calling Massbike members 
> who read this list, “lurkers”? Obviously it’s a snarky remark that 
> sounds cool, and I’m not saying this as some sort of “phantom 
> politeness enforcer” because we are acquainted. Massbike works hard to 
> advocate these important policies and I as a citizen spoke out at this 
> past summer’s state house hearings in support of the Bicycle Safety 
> Bill. While I’m putting my cards on the table so to speak, I’d like 
> you “lurkers of the streets of Boston” to know that it is very 
> difficult to advocate any improvements in bicycling conditions to 
> politicians and public officials when there are vast numbers of bikers 
> in Boston who totally ignore the traffic laws. So we are in fact 
> making a presence on this website solicit your collaboration in these 
> efforts and yes, maybe influence you conform a little bit to our ways 
> of bicycling.
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> Dear MassBike Lurkers,
> Who, at the state level, determines the Mass. driving laws? Which 
> committees?
> and
> Did that bike bill ever pass? The one making it illegal to door a 
> bicyclist.
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