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Yes, What Lisa said.

    I enjoy the dual roles of CM and MB.  The MB people have their ways of working - which by some accounts is quite successful.  Some on CM find MB to be _____ (insert criticism here).  I have been critical of MB in the past (go back in the digest) but I decided to stop doing that.  I also enjoy your presence on 'our' list - you always have clarification of the rules that help everyone.  You might take it as flattery that I even asked you - knowing you are the experts on such questions.  I might assume however, that based on MassBike's regular criticism, that its members prefer virtual participation of Critical Mass only.  

    Have you ever wondered about the joy of riding in such a safe place as the crowd of Critical Mass, MONTHLY!?  Or the joy of looking up at the buildings and sky instead of looking out for the next belligerent taxi driver? CM is hacking into a system of rules, culture, and public spaces that are organized without accommodation of bikers.  It is similar to throwing a brick through a window, without the violence or property damage. 

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  Lee, can you elaborate on what you mean by calling Massbike members who read this list, "lurkers"? Obviously it's a snarky remark that sounds cool, and I'm not saying this as some sort of "phantom politeness enforcer" because we are acquainted. Massbike works hard to advocate these important policies and I as a citizen spoke out at this past summer's state house hearings in support of the Bicycle Safety Bill. While I'm putting my cards on the table so to speak, I'd like you "lurkers of the streets  of Boston" to know that it is very difficult to advocate any improvements in bicycling conditions to politicians and public officials when there are vast numbers of bikers in Boston who totally ignore the traffic laws. So we are in fact making a presence on this website solicit your collaboration in these efforts and yes,  maybe influence you conform a little bit to our ways of bicycling. 


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  Dear MassBike Lurkers,


  Who, at the state level, determines the Mass. driving laws?  Which committees?




  Did that bike bill ever pass?  The one making it illegal to door a bicyclist.


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