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Mon Oct 8 08:32:31 EDT 2007

On 10/7/07, lynchy123 at beld.net <lynchy123 at beld.net> wrote:
> "In addition, cars rarely get screamed at when they take the lane in an
> effort to avoid getting doored."
> That is a completely different problem.  You cant blame people getting out
> of their cars because you don't have the gusto to take what is legally
> yours.  If you don't want to get doored stay out of the dooring zone.

It's true that we should bike outside the dooring zone.

However, it's also true that if there's a legal requirement for the
operators and passengers in cars to check that it's safe before
opening their doors into traffic, we can blame them if they don't.

And while you may not be a troll, your messages are definitely
trollish.  Lee's implication doesn't meet the definition of an ad
hominem.  (http://plover.net/~bonds/adhominem.html)  He wasn't arguing
with you, he was suggesting that the rest of us shouldn't bother.

In particular, when you write...

> In response to the incident in central square, the bicyclist is dead
> because they made a poor decision, they moved into traffic without
> looking.  I'll take my chances jamming my brakes and potentially hitting
> a car door.  I'd rather not tussle with a bus.

... one might be forgiven for deducing you are a troll.

Ray Jones

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