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I see suddenly opening a car door in the path of a bicyclist the same as 
clubbing them, or suddenly forcing them into traffic.  An event like this 
happened (years ago) in Central Square and now a bicyclist is dead.  The 
biker was legally in the bike lane, the bus in the travel lane, the car 
parked.  Neither the victim or the perp could control the location of the 
bike, but the perp could control WHEN the door was opened.

I apologize for implying you were a troll.  Is there a name for one who 
cannot believe what is written to such a degree that they perceive it as 
parody or incendiary for the sake of causing a ruckus?

Do you believe the traffic laws are currently balanced?

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> "In addition, cars rarely get screamed at when they take the lane in an
> effort to avoid getting doored."
> That is a completely different problem.  You cant blame people getting out
> of their cars because you don't have the gusto to take what is legally
> yours.  If you don't want to get doored stay out of the dooring zone.
> And Lee I would hope that you are not implying that i am some kind of
> troll.  I don't believe that because I ride a bike I am somehow more
> important or better than those who drive cars.  Supporting biking is fine
> but some of us are more interested in cooperation and reasonable laws for
> everyone not just bikers.
> AD HOMINEM ARGUMENT, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: "argument
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> belief the person making the argument or claim, rather than by addressing
> the substance of the argument or producing evidence against the claim.
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