[*BCM*] Boston PD no friend of a cyclist

Jym Dyer jym at econet.org
Wed Jun 28 11:59:59 EDT 2006

> No one seems to be asking why the cop was so quick to anger
> over bike messengers.  Could it be that trying to direct
> traffic and seeing countless reckless, rude, arrogant bike
> messengers every day might have something to do with it?

=v= A police officer's job is to rise above prejudices.  There
is absolutely no way to fairly enforce the law without doing
that.  Even if 99% of bike messengers behave that way (and I
don't believe that to be true), it is the officer's job to
give the 1% the benefit of the doubt.

=v= And also not to stereotype *all* bikers based on it (which
has been a persistent problem in Boston).

=v= And also to respond appropriately when a citizen complains
of vehicular assault.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for not
doing that.

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