[*BCM*] Boston PD no friend of a cyclist

Robotica androidqueen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 10:27:21 EDT 2006

you are mistaken if you think people are angry because the cop is an
authority figure.

it is not my job to pursue my enemies.  in fact, it is illegal.  this
is why i pay taxes, so that the law can be enforced and i can go about
doing *my* job.  yes, it's a priveleged attitude, but i pay for that

so i'd appreciate it if you didn't call me a spoiled little rich girl
simply because i'm upset that a member of the law enforcement
community is picking and choosing which laws to enforce (yes, road
rage is a crime).

On 6/28/06, RogersArtistry at aol.com <RogersArtistry at aol.com> wrote:
> I was also wondering where the anger is toward that truck driver.  No one
> seems to be asking why the cop was so quick to anger over bike messengers.
> Could it be that trying to direct traffic and seeing countless reckless,
> rude, arrogant bike messengers every day might have something to do with it?
>  The daily sightings of these dangerous bikers who think everyone should
> immediately get out of their way, ( or be lashed at with countless
> obscenities) might have something to do with the cop's attitudes?
> I could guess that most of this anger toward the authority figure is from
> the privileged, white, middle class and educated.   Find out who your
> enemies really are ( the truck driver ) and pursue him.
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