[*BCM*] Boston PD=5 no friend of a cyclist

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As Tom has now chosen to add to his attacks with lying, I've taken this
off list to deal with him personally.  If anyone wants to hear about it,
which I doubt, I'll pass it along. 

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On 6/28/2006 at 3:06 PM Anne Wolfe wrote:

>Since being personally attacked, I will personally respond.
>1) I did say that MassBike got nothing done.  At the time, they didn't.

Not true.  Bikes on the T, State Bike Plan, Minuteman Bikepath, other
achievements already cited.

>And indeed, I left the organization after my efforts to volunteer were 
>rebuffed, in person, by MassBike then soon to be Vice President Tom 

Not me, didn't do it, and as stated, never remember meeting you, despite
your claims at having a "striking" appearance.

>2) MassBike now gets things done.  You know, since Tom is no longer 
>vice president. Although the program Napoleon, I mean Tom (short man, 
>loathes tall women)

Ad hominem attacks (two).  5'10".  Not short, doesn't loathe anyone for
their physical appearance.  Two-term limit meant my retirement from the
MassBike Board this past December.  Am now on the Advisory Committee,
where old Board members are put out to ... pasture?  (Rust?  Stud?)
Have used my time to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis society's
Great Mass Getaway.  Want to donate?

>cited hasn't in fact yet been implemented.

More nonsense.  Statement was, "We successfully lobbied the
Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee, who develop police
training curricula for both state and local police, to include this
training, and they agreed in June, 2005.  Though the results won't be
immediate, as more police are trained in what the law actually says
about bicycle operation, relations between bicyclists and police should
improve over time."  True statement.

>Which goes to
>show you how far Tom thinks "getting things done" means.

Ad hominem attack.  Ignored.

>3) For the stuff MassBike has gotten done, I've gone direct to the 
>person responsible, Dori Clarke, who's done an absolutely bang up job 
>as far as I can see, and MassBike will be sorry to see her go.

She's gone, guess you weren't paying attention.  We are sorry, but we
are also happy to have David Watson, who's been doing a bang-up job
himself for a couple months now.

-- Tom Revay
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