[*BCM*] Sure thing, champ

Thomas John Vitolo tjvitolo at bu.edu
Tue Aug 30 13:22:59 EDT 2005

> For the record, it might have been my last Critical Mass. A friend
> of
> ours had a computer on his bike and our average speed was around
> 4mph.
> While a bunch of us up front were wobbling around at trackstand
> speeds, all we could hear from the back was "slow down". We can't
> claim to be traffic if pedestrians are passing us, and for those of
> you not paying attention there was someone in the front "too fast"
> group walking alongside their bicycle.

I think the ride got slow because there were so many Massers, including lots of
new Massers.  As a result, it got stretched out a bit.  I suspect that the pace
of next month's ride will be a bit quicker, and that it will quicken even more
once the last Friday of the month ceases to be such a beautiful day.

So, I hope you keep on riding.

Thomas John Vitolo
Ph D Systems Engineering Candidate,
Boston University

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