[*BCM*] Cambridge po-po sighting

turtle turtle at zworg.com
Fri Oct 15 10:53:55 EDT 2004

As I said, I didn't want it to be taken as an insult.  Please don't take
my e-mail seriously.  I thought it was really funny, so I posted it.  

But as to why I though of you when I was reading about Bush...  

I'm sure you don't think of your philosophy as being as bad as King
George's, but to some of us it really does seem that way.  To me it
appears that you blame everyone else for your problems, and seem to
lump motorists in to a big category of "dangerous" creatures (thus the
"terrorist" comment).  Now, I know that bicyclists (and pedestrians,
and scooter operators, and even some car drivers) often do get treated
unfairly, and we do have every reason to protest such treatment, but
I've found that we often like to play the victim more than we really
should, and many times refuse to take any responsibility for our own
dangerous and disrespectul actions by blaming others for "forcing us"
into committing them (thus the scapegoat comment).

I'd be happy to have a further discussion if you like (and may be able
to look back for any questions from you that I may have missed), but
I'm not going to be around a computer for a few days, so it will have
wait a bit.  (My husband and I are looking for a place to live where
most of the people aren't so stressed! Vermont and Canada are on our

Finally, I do have to say that I completely sympathise with you as a
cyclist!  It does suck to bike in the Boston area (and much of
Massachusetts in general).  I've tried to make it a better place for
everyone, but I often see that there is just too much animosity all
around to make any decent headway.  Fortunately, others have not given
up hope of peaceful coexistance in the streets.

who wakes up every morning to the sound of birds chirping :-)

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