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Thu Oct 14 22:16:13 EDT 2004

hey turtle,

a) this response is extremely passive-aggressive.  it seems like you're
referring to me.  if you are, say it.  why beat around the bush?  no one
likes it when people are passive aggressive.

b) what scapegoat have i found or who am i calling a terrorist?  you're
not substantiating your argument at all.  in fact, you're just calling
names.  and if you want to play analogies, i challenged your opinion,
and then you wrote me back with a factually bereft email accusing me to
be a bush supporter.  why don't you call me a terrorist while you're at


On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 15:48:08 -0700, "turtle" <turtle at zworg.com> said:
> Not to be mean, but I was just reading some really depressing stuff
> about the crap that the Bush administration is trying to pull, and it
> made me think of a certain someone's philosophy of biking...
> Do whatever the heck you want, and then when you get caught either find
> a scapegoat, or distract everyone by yelling "terrorists!"
> -Turtle
> really, not trying to be mean, but the similarity was so glaring...
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