[*BCM*] Hokey Lights

Gregor F. Rohda gregorrohda at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 11:14:29 EDT 2004

I never thought I would bother posting to this list.  I've been on a few critical mass rides, not many, though I am an avid cyclist and once-and-future bike mechanic.  I like keeping tuned into the list because I'm concerned about promoting cycling in our communities, making it safer for me and my friends to ride, and making it healthier for everyone to live in our dense urban environments.
One of the reasons I dont go on too many critical mass rides it because more often than not, I find its a critical ass ride.  People being pissy to pedestrians, people being pissy to cars .. . . ..  the reason I am bothering to post right now is I think it totally sucks when we are pissy to each other.  Beating down the person who posted about the hokey lights sucks.  Totally uncalled for.  The tone of that mesasge was negative and it needent be.  Sure the safety concerns brought up are legitimate, sure the posting was commercial, but its not like it was a shameless plug for guns or cars or drugs.  Christ if we arent decent to each other how are we ever going to make any headway in making "others" (cops, pedestrians, motorists) be decent to US.  It seems to me that apologies are in order.
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