[*BCM*] Hokey Lights

contraelolvido at riseup.net contraelolvido at riseup.net
Wed Oct 13 11:29:52 EDT 2004

As far as the hokey lights I have no real issue with the post. But you've
brought up something thats really bothered me on recent rides. It's a
critical mass ride, it's not about being nice to cars. When a car rides
into our bloc we're not supposed to be friendly, or to stop to let them
drive by. Not only does doing that put everyone who doesn't notice the
group stopping in danger, but it encourages more cars to do it.

On the last ride, as we got to the mass ave bridge, all of these cars
started driving on the wrong side of the road to pass us. When cars came
into their lane going the right way, they pushed into the mass. Instead of
making them stop as we went by, or yelling at them for doing something so
dumb that could have resulted in a major accident, the entire group
infront of me split to let them out of the way.

It's no wonder that bikers are getting harrassed if we're not stanidng up
for ourselves.

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Capitalism, in effect, constitutes the point of absolute negativity for
society and the natural world. One cannot improve this social order,
reform it, or remake it on its own terms... The only choice one has is to
destroy it. - Murray Bookchin

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