[*BCM*] 2002 Rock Band Bike Trailer?

Joseph Floyd jfloyd0379 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 07:22:54 EST 2013

Good morning,
           I've been working with some friends in Gainesville, FL to make
the U of FL Homecoming Parade more bike friendly.  We made the bike gator
in this link for 2013,
And I am building muscle and researching pulling a local band next year.
 All that said, could anyone provide info on how this,
trailer was built please?  I love the reuse aspect and we are trying to
build that into our projects as well.  In fact the bike gator was roughly
95% reuse material.

Have a great day and keep pedaling,

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 "Those who wish to control their own lives and move beyond existence as
mere clients and consumers - those people  ride a bike."  ~ Wolfgang Sachs
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