[*BCM*] Crucial Casey Overpass Meeting 11/21 6pm 305 South Street JP

Adam Rosi-Kessel adam at rosi-kessel.org
Mon Nov 14 22:19:47 EST 2011


This is a worthy bike issue, and a rare opportunity to make a real 
difference by showing up on one night. If you're a JP/Rozzie/West 
Roxbury cyclist, please attend!


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Action Alert!


November 2011

Boston Cyclists Union

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*We need to pack this Mon. Nov. 21 meeting with cyclists, pedestrians, 
and transit users. Want to help? *

Under the Casey Overpass

Who likes to hang out under bridges?

Take action!

 1. Help us flyer this week
 2. Forward this e-mail to your friends
 3. Write a letter (details below).
 4. Show up (location and times below).
 5. *Speak at the meeting.*__

This is the meeting to get/*every one*/ of your neighbors and friends 
out to. It's the second to last public meeting on the Casey Overpass 
Replacement project and the one that could most help determine the final 
choice of MassDOT between these two options:

 1. A big two-lane concrete bridge with no sidewalks or safe bike
    facilities on it, along with a plaza underneath it on the Forest
    Hills T Station side (roughly estimated price tag $72 million)
 2. A surface street with a huge expansion of green space at the end of
    the SW Corridor bike path, cycletracks along part of Washington
    Street to connect to the bike lanes to Roslindale, and an off-street
    bike path connection to the Arboretum. (roughly estimated price tag
    $58 million, and cheaper to maintain)

Both of these projects have bike paths and bike lanes, and both will 
handle traffic in roughly the same way according to both the city and 
the state's traffic engineers, and both will handle traffic better than 
the Casey Overpass does now. So who wants an expensive bridge?

The Boston Cyclists Union, Livable Streets Alliance, WalkBoston, the 
Emerald Necklace Conservancy, JP Centre/South Main Streets, JP Bikes, 
and other groups are supporting a no-bridge option that will help turn 
Forest Hills into a neighborhood that invites biking, walking, and even 
just sitting down in the new park at the head of the SW Corridor and 
hanging out!

*Here are the details:*

*Public Information Meeting for replacement of Monsignor Casey Overpass 

*Monday, Nov. 21, 6pm (come at 5:30 to view open house materials)**
*at **

*The State Lab (near Forest Hills T Station)**
*305 South Street., Jamaica Plain, MA**

The Boston Cyclists Union is also advocating for a cycletrack on Morton 
Street, which would extend the benefits of this new linear park, the SW 
Corridor, the Arboretum and all the places they connect to to cyclists 
in Mattapan, Dorchester, and other neighborhoods and towns. Several land 
parcels are up for development in the area, and Forest Hills could 
become a hot destination!

*To write a letter: *

Written statements and other exhibits in place of, or in addition to, 
oral statements made at the Public Information Meeting regarding the 
proposed undertaking are to be submitted to:

*Thomas F. Broderick, P.E., Acting Chief Engineer, *

*MassDOT, *

*10 Park Plaza, *

*Boston, MA 02116, *

*ATTN: (Paul King, Project File No. 605511) *

Project inquiries may be emailed to dot.feedback.highway at state.ma.us 
<mailto:dot.feedback.highway at state.ma.us?>

Do not be intimidated into being quiet, this is your neighborhood too!

Boston Cyclists Union
P.O. Box 301394
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 02130



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