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ton/life/102061-pedal-promise/, I was very encouraged by what the various=
 agencies and municipal groups wanted to do and their commitment, however,=
 money is a big issue. I believe it will come, we just need to be patient=
 and continually heard. </font></font><br>

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<div class=3D"MsoNormal">Regarding bike parking shortages and the competit=
ion for the
few scarce rack spaces among bikes, scooters and motorcycles . . . The sta=
te of
bike parking facilities in Cambridge and Boston is currently inadequate.&n=
Cyclists collectively provide an enormous service to the community by fore=
cars other vehicles and their attendant noise, dangerousness, consumption=
space, harmful emissions, strain on infrastructure and visual blight.&nbsp=
; Yet we
are left to scrounge for places to park the vehicles that make this contri=
possible.&nbsp; What we really need is more bike corrals installed former=
parking spaces.&nbsp; There=E2=80=99s a nice one outside the Other Side ca=
f=C3=A9 on
Newbury Street.&nbsp; Portland, OR and increasingly&nbsp; San Francisco ha=
ve done a beautiful
job with this and Boston should follow suit.&nbsp; We could have a much be=
organized and civilized set up for bike parking and really enhance our qua=
of life.</div>

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