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The cure for road rage? Bike laws
I read Monique's column.? This is essentially the same column I have read in a number of papers.? Drivers hate cyclists, cyclists do this, do that etc.? 

Bike laws, sure ticket the stupid riders, riding on sidewalks (unless they are kids), the wrong way, running lights. etc, 

The point is made, but you had to add all that hostility about reading messages from someones butt.? You actually fantasize about silently driving up behind a cyclist and scaring them, try it, maybe they will fall over and you can kill someones wife, child, or husband with your hybrid.? Would that make it better?? I don't think you really want that.? If an 18 wheeler driver wrote about doing that to some small car it would not make it to print and if it did his trucking company would fire the driver.

For a mode of transportation that accounts for about 0.1% of the traffic, the attention cycling gets is disproportional to the problem.? Sure there are obnoxious cyclists, however any driver has 100x more encounters with obnoxious auto drivers. \Yet, this does not seem to be an issue that warrants much attention.

A little respect would go a long way on both sides.? 

I've driven cars hundreds of thousands of miles and have yet to encounter an obnoxious cyclist, although I have ridden with a number of them so I know they exist.? Ive done some stupid things myself on a bicycle and in a car.? There is not a driver alive that has not done something stupid and obnoxious intentionally and unintentionally.? I have ridden about 9000 miles a year for the past 10 years commuting on my bike.? I could fill several pages as almost any other experienced cyclist could of insane things people in cars and trucks have done to them, why dwell on it?, 

The hostility you include does not make any cyclist reader more cooperative with car traffic, from your position, its counterproductive, maybe you don't want any cooperation from cyclists after all and the fantasy is really a plan?





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