[*BCM*] 4am ride

jb fentner symboliceon at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 9 04:56:09 EDT 2009

can anyone provide me with some answers regarding why i just witnessed about a hundred people on bikes obviously partaking in some ride that left off from the BU campus near the BU bridge at 4am while i was riding home? i was going to ask someone what the deal was, but frankly i was trying to focus on the music i was listening to as that was the only thing keeping me going after getting trashed til 7am last night, working from 4pm to 1am, then having hours of drunk sex, and riding 5 or so miles home after all that on tires that are half flat 'cause i'm too lethargic to give my bike a proper once over. 

if any of you could provide me with some answers that would be great. i'm going to go fall on something now and hope that i don't die as a result of sleeping on it. 



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