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Alek Shapiro alshapiro at clarku.edu
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Agree that most drivers are respectful to bicyclists.

Have to point out, though, that EMT's and medics don't get paid per ride. It's usually an hourly wage.

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  Dude, it's not cool to randomly smash parked cars.  95% of drivers are respectful to cyclists; they're just harder to notice.  It's the 5% that pass dangerously and turn without looking who force us to be more assertive.  U-Lock the rear quarterpanel of the next car that turns right without signalling, not a parked car.

  Also, did anyone hear follow up news or see what happened with the cyclist who got hit in the westbound lane of the Craigie Dam bridge across from the Museum of Science on Monday evening?  I rode by around 18:00 as the ambulance pulled up.  She was on her feet, but looked a little out of it and they put her on a stretcher for the ride.  I wonder if the medics coaxed her into it so they can get paid or if she was really badly hurt.  That section there is rather dangerous because the old yellow line and the new one are both visible and many lanes get squeezed going both ways.  It's hard enough to drive it in a car, especially when the opposing traffic choose to use different yellow lines.

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    i think someone needs to get that man a U-lock. i wouldn't put my bike through the agony of touching a car.

    anyway. my first thought was: "good"


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