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And people want to know why CM has a bad reputation?

"blocked all lanes of traffic, chanted things like, "Car bombs, not cars!",
sang songs, harassed motorists, and spit on pro-war sign holders and
anti-choice sign holders. One person, towards the end of the ride, was
arrested for allegedly writing an anti pro-life message on a truck belonging
to the anti-choicers."

Spitting on people, blocking ALL lanes of traffic, advocating violence (car
bombs) and harassing people.  Hey, you reap what you sow.  It is difficult
to see exactly what kind of support the guy who defaced someone's car
deserves.  If you apply the same kind of "hey, it is a car, it is ok to
deface it" as "hey, it is a bike/cyclist, it is ok to deface it/them" it
would get no support on this list, so why is the converse true?

And if you want to know why the police start paying attention to CMs, well,
this is why.

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