[*BCM*] Reponse

Ben Hunrichs hunrichs at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 12:29:10 EDT 2008

Jym -
It's also not helpful to dismiss EO's critique.  Responding to the 
points he makes furthers the discussion, but you're just saying, "we 
don't have to listen to you!"  That's true, but kinda pointless.  Far 
too often people try to shut down discussion on this group with the 
argument that CM is anarchist and doesn't have a point, and so any input 
or critique should be disregarded.  Again, that is true and awesome, but 
it doesn't need to be restated.  Our anarchist actions on actual rides 
will make that point abundantly clear, and we all remain free to ignore 
what is said here.

But do you actually disagree with the point that it's stupid to break a 
bunch of laws while on a ride?
> =v= I don't see much point in psychoanalyzing a group of people
> you've met once, and tying it in with a region's "analysis."
> If the same sort thing happens at the Critical Mass in Chicago
> or Atlanta, for example, the argument falls flat.
> =v= Those who wish to participate in a club ride that adheres to
> every comma and semicolon in the vehicularist Bible have plenty
> to choose from.  It's not all that helpful to show up once at
> something that's new, vital, and (therefore) different just to
> declare "You're Doing It Wrong!" and suggest reverting back to
> the old way of doing things.
>     <_Jym_>

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