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Sun Oct 7 12:04:03 EDT 2007

The reason cars don't need a dooring law, is because if you fling open your
car door into the path of another car, your door breaks off. If you are
driving a car and you hit somebody's door, you scratch your paint job. The
odds of you breaking a bone are nil. There are no laws against busting up
your own car and not hurting anybody else.

In addition, cars rarely get screamed at when they take the lane in an
effort to avoid getting doored.

> I like the new law except the piece on "dooring."  I think that someone
> who is exiting a car is a pedestrian and should be afforded all the rights
> of one.  As riders or drivers, I think we need to be able to operate our
> mode of transportation safely.  For years cars have been able to avoid the
> need for a "dooring" law; call me a traditionalist but I don?t think we
> need one now.
> Phil
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