[*BCM*] Cyclist foils heist, Boston Phoenix 9/28

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Wed Oct 3 12:27:16 EDT 2007

I don't think they tend to stash hoards of bikes away.  If you try to sell
hoards of bikes to someone, anyone, it raises too much suspicion.  Plus,
they take a lot of space to store, people notice, etc.  Opportunistic theft
tends to lend itself to a quick and easy sale on the cheap somewhere.  Then
again, your mileage may vary.  Better to apprehend him, i would think than
to possibly lose him in the tail or let the evidence get away.

Count me among those who don't actually care *why* he was stealing.  Those
matters can (and should) be dealt with as part of sentencing/rehabilitation,
etc.  If stealing is acceptable based on the underlying motivation then it
just confuses things further as to what's right and what's wrong, and that
line is fuzzy enough as it is.

On 03/10/2007, Andrew J Heining <andrewjh at gmail.com> wrote:
> @Andy:
> I kinda wish I'd just followed the guy to where he was keeping the bikes
> he stole. If I had my wits about me, I'd have laid low, tailed him to his
> stash, and then called the 5-0. That way maybe some people who'd already had
> bikes stolen could get theirs back, and the police would have at least two
> people in custody -- James and his female accomplice.
> I could care less about why the guy tried to steal Lee's bike. He was
> stealing. That's wrong. I saw that and acted in the best way I knew of to
> try to A: stop him, and B: make sure he didn't escape to do it again.
> Go Sox!
> -Andrew
> > As much as I would like to see this discussion die off, I am curious to
> > hear from anyone who has a proposal of what Andrew and Lee could have done
> > differently in this situation that would have been better in terms of its
> > outcome for all involved parties.
> >
> > - Andy
> >
> >
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