[*BCM*] Paul Revere says "Impeachment is Coming"

Aaron Dulles-Coelho dulles at artifex.org
Sat Mar 31 18:50:17 EDT 2007

Hi folks,

I'm working with a coalition of several groups on a protest for April
28th, which is being designated as the national impeachment protest
day. We're going to have a town crier and judge on Sam Adams sq.
(Faneuil Hall) call a crowd to order, and hold a public impeachment
ceremony against Bush and Cheney. We're lining up some speakers and
artists as well! It's looking to be a good event. It is being billed
as a people's impeachment by public proclamation.

My query to the group: since April critical mass is on the 27th, would
anybody like to join us in calling out, as we ride, "impeachment is
coming! impeachment is coming!" "a28.org!" "a28.org!' ? We're
presenting a sort of historic/revolution-era spin on our protest, so a
Paul Revere style thing seems perfect!

I don't want to go politicizing critical mass or anything, but if
there's folks who are interested or have some feedback and concern,
e-mail me off list?


More info will be available at a28.org and mass-impeach.org

The groups that have signed on are Impeach for Peace, Bostonians for
the Overthrow of King George, Veterans for Peace, CODE PINK, Raging
Grannies, and World Can't Wait

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