[*BCM*] Stolen Bike

Bill Przylucki bill.przylucki at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 12:44:46 EDT 2007

Dear Massers,

My red Pacific mountain bike was stolen from in front of South Station Bus
Terminal sometime between 3-8 July. I was out of town and had left it locked
in front of the terminal with my helmet. When I returned it was nowhere to
be found, no sign of the lock, or even the helmet.

Two things are very distinctive about the bike. 1) It is a mountain bike,
but I ride it with SLICK TIRES, which I don't see too often and may make it
easily identifiable. 2) I removed the seat, so somebody stole a bike with no
seat (unfortunately, this means they're probably selling it for scrap and

Anyway, if y'all could keep an eye out, I would really appreciate any
information you may have.

Bill Przylucki
(518) 229 2693
bill.przylucki at gmail.com
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