[*BCM*] Schmush Bush (was: The bike that Cannondale gave to Bush)

Jym Dyer jym at econet.org
Sun Nov 26 21:15:42 EST 2006

> The point is: the more people with power who ride bikes, the
> better it is for us cyclists.

=v= The type of bike-riding that the Shrub does (or is alleged
to do, seeing as how our sole source of information on this is
the White House Press Office, which rarely tells the truth) has
practically nothing to do with the type of bike-riding I do.
I ride for transportation; he does not.

=v= I also ride for recreation, but even this diverges quite
sharply from the type of riding he (allegedly) does.  When I
ride off-road, I don't even take a car to the trailhead, I ride
there.  The Shrub, on the other hand, has an entourage of huge
polluting vehicles, some delivered via plane for special events
such as Earth day.  Plus, it would appear that his alleged hobby
exists primarily so his handlers to issue claims of his alleged
he-man-ness, except when he falls down on dry ground, in which
case they spin tales about mud puddles and issue denials that
he whistles showtunes.

=v= I've pondered it quite a bit, but I just don't see how that
is going to improve things for bikers like myself.

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