[*BCM*] New Commuter Rail Bike Trains!

turtle turtle at zworg.com
Wed Jun 28 19:05:35 EDT 2006

On a lighter (ok, much heavier) note, the T now has some new trains that
carry lots of bikes.  From the Globe:

"Wednesday, June 28, 2006
T unveils new and improved commuter rail cars
By Shawntaye Hopkins, Globe correspondent

A test commuter rail coach designed for bicyclists will roll on weekends
to Rockport from Boston, MBTA officials said today.

The coach has 42 regular seats, plus places for 39 bicycles.

T officials also gave a tour of a refurbished coach with new windows,
new air conditioning units, new car supports for a smoother ride,
safety lighting in the aisles, and other improvements.

Those improvements are planned on 152 coaches as the Massachusetts Bay
Transportation Authority emphasizes customer service on commuter
trains. The T is proposing a fare increase starting in January that
would raise the price of commuter rail passes by 22 to 26 percent"
Too bad they're going to raise prices, though.  But that's a whole
nother ball of wax...


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