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greg at isoia.com greg at isoia.com
Wed Jun 7 16:26:26 EDT 2006

Jon Wrote: "So when an oversize suv nearly runs me off the road because it
is too wide to pass me safely, I should shout "I LOVE YOU!" - well, sort
of.  I give them a "thumbs up", or if I can do it safely I applaud them. 
Flipping them off is too common (at least around here) and swearing at them
definitely falls on deaf ears.  That applsuding gets their attention as
they're always looking in the rear view mirror.  I know the applauding is
not safe, but it took me a long time to break the swearing habit.

Greg mentioned parking spaces designated for compact cars: I remember
"more" parking spaces for compact cars too.  I still see some in Cambridge
parking garages, but it's not enforced. I also know of some garages where
these spaces were undesignated.

Turtle mentioned love as one need being filled with oversized vehicles and
consumption in it's many forms.  You made me think a bit: I ran through my
SUV owning friends, and of the 4, 2 are single and not in relationships,
and 1 is married and effectively single, and one is married and a "manly
man" (drives a Hummer 4 miles to and from work.)  None of them use their
SUV for hauling purposes (skis don't count in my book, especially when it's
only one pair.)  Three are women, all are fit.  All 4 of them own bikes (I
helped 2 of them pick out bikes) but none of them ride regularly.   I
encourage them to ride, and occassionally we get to ride together.  I too
think people are filling needs/voids/holes in their lives with "stuff".



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