[*BCM*] Please report snow conditions

Jeff Rosenblum rosenblum.jeff at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 06:19:33 EST 2006

MONDAY 13 FEBRUARY 2006: How was your commute today in the snow? 
LivableStreets wants to know!


LivableStreets Alliance is monitoring snow clearing for this past storm 
in the urban areas in Boston and surrounding towns that have facilities 
heavily used by:
- Transit riders
- Pedestrians
- Persons with disabilities
- Bicyclists

Usually the roadway part of streets is the first to be cleared. 
LivableStreets advocates for the prompt snow clearing to accommodate all 
users as first-class citizens.

PLEASE REPORT CONDITIONS (both good and bad):
- Multi-use paths (such as along both sides of the Charles River)
- Walkways on bridges (such as the Mass Ave, Longfellow, and BU bridges)
- Subway access routes (such as around Alewife and Ruggles stations)
- Bus stops (the shelters should be usable, and it should be easy to get 
on and off of buses)
- Wheelchair ramps at intersections (should not be blocked)
- Crosswalks at intersections (you shouldn't have to climb over big 
piles to cross the street at marked crosswalks)
- Sidewalks in general (shouldn't have just a 1-foot path, should be 
mostly clear)
- Streets that have not been cleared enough to comfortably accomodate 
cyclists (including but not limited to uncleared bike lanes)

PLEASE USE A DIGITAL CAMERA IF POSSIBLE (but not required), and note 
date, time, and exact location.

SEND TO: jeff at livablestreets.info

Jeff Rosenblum
LivableStreets Alliance

PS: The Department of Conservation and Recreation's has a new storm 
prioritization map:

PPS: Did you know that in most cities and towns, it is the 
responsibility of the property owners in front of a sidewalk to clear it?

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