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I don't understand why he doesn't think going through the tunnel is illegal. 
If we are riding on the street, we are considered a legal vehicle.  Bound by 
all the constraints of a motorcycle, car, bus, etc.

When I ride the 30 minutes to work, my feet never touch the ground, once. 
If I were to get a ticket for the stopsigns and red lights I run, I would 
smile and pay it...because I knowingly broke the law.  (What are they going 
to do, raise my insurance premiums?)

Now going throught the tunnel is a a different story.  If the cops got 
organized to come down on CM, they would know that we were going to end up 
there at some point every month.

He says that the police have no right to arrest us (true), and that the cops 
don't have the power to arrest us (false).  That's just naive.  Cops can 
take you downtown anytime they want (New York CM).

I don't know why he's showing so much conviction about it when he wrote in 
his first email that CM has no real mission or meaning.

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>> People aren't going to stop riding the tunnel, and why should we?
> Because its disrespectful?  Because it gives bicyclists a bad
> reputation?  Because it might cause a crash?
> Those are my answers. I'm sure others may have other reasons for not
> riding in a T tunnel.
> It sounds like you don't have a reason for not doing it.  Well, then I
> guess nothing I say is going to stop you.  (The police, on the other
> hand, may.)
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