[*BCM*] Cambridge po-po sighting

russell a willis iii rawillis3 at juno.com
Fri Oct 15 18:15:15 EDT 2004

I no longer have Roger's response to my response, but as I recall he was
saying, among other things, that I have made a somewhat similar decision
to his re rolling stops.  And that is true, though my implementation is
different: I will do a rolling stop where there is (a) no risk of
confusing anyone re rights of way and (b) no risk of pissing anyone off
by overtly pretending that cyclists are not subject to the same rules as
motorists (under existing law).  In other words, basically when there is
no one there (or sometimes where there is no ingress from the right and
the only car(s) entering from the left are turning right, i.e., not into
the same direction I am going . . .  From a p.r. perspective, I actually
feel I am something of an ambassador from bike world to the car world,
when I am taking the lane while other cyclists are sidewalk surfing (and
causing confusion at corners) or riding the wrong way (on the left side
of the road), and especially when I stop at a red light, with motorists
around, and some other cyclists blows through: "not me, look, I am
playing by the rules."

I do still disagree that the hazards Roger claims to be overcoming
(better view of cross traffic, asserting the lane on the other side,
etc.) are even achieved, let alone a sufficient reason to blow the light.

rawillis3 at juno.com

writing from St. Louis, which admittedly has much lighter car traffic
than Boston

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