[*BCM*] cyclist killed at train crossing

Dave Roberts dave at the-wild.net
Fri Oct 15 12:42:35 EDT 2004

Maybe I'm the insensitive one, but even at 14 I had a good understanding of
train crossings and what it meant that the lights were flashing, the gates were
down and the bells were ringing... DON'T GO! DON'T GO AROUND THE GATE! THERE'S
A TRAIN COMING... and there isn't much out there that wins when put up against
a fast moving train. What was the kid doing going around the gates? Why is the
focus on a 4th warning system ... 3 were in place, would a 4th have even
helped? This is not to say I'd be against the blowing of the horn at a
crossing, I thought they did that at all crossings already (every commuter
train I've been on does it at every crossing) - and to those who say "not in my
backyard" now and then? Stuff it... deal with it - its a train horn blowing...
BFD. I used to live next to a train crossing - ie, three car lengths from
one... I actually ENJOYED it. 

--the devil's advocate

Quoting Ari Pollak <ajp at aripollak.com>:

* > /*
* > Note the key part: Beverly's ban on train whistles cannot be reviewed, 
* > because the accident did involve a car
* > */
* A state agency ordered MBTA commuter trains yesterday to begin blowing 
* horns when approaching the intersection in Beverly where a 14-year-old 
* boy was killed Wednesday, after state officials could find no 
* documentation authorizing a longstanding ban on train whistles or horns 
* at that site.
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