[*BCM*] I digress

Lee Peters lfpeters at eltonhamptonarchitects.com
Thu Oct 14 09:07:25 EDT 2004

DJ Tim Smith! gimme a funky-$ss bass line...

So many words
All about curbs
To our movement, which is strong..

Like titanium,
I'm usin' my cranium to
Drop dope science and play the blame game...

On the auto, 
Which is retro, like Moses
Not the preacher, 
But the N-Y-C road paver.

Cuttin' off society
>From itself
On behalf of a privacy
Comparably equipped with A-C

200 Horsepower to promote
their lies of independence
and their phony ways to get remote....

to the wilderness
which ain't cause there's
no parking next to the grizzly

Which just died
'cause the fumes from 
the Hummer made it cry

My 3 year old just 
Spilled his Yoo-hoo

All over my leather interior
So officer I had to 
Swerve into the soft fleshy biker

It was clearly an accident
Can't you gimme a break
The soccer field awaits

Then I awoke from the nightmare
To a car alarm
And thought I can delay the auto harm

I lecture ya'll like a schoolmarm.
With mad skills
I swerve and dodge

Kickin' cabs and livin' large
Don't correct my grammar yo
I'm tryin' to be funny like

A Shriner's bike
Tiny and efficient-(psyche!)
Don't criticize it gets me A to B

The B rhymes with Cop-ley
Where we meet 
Once a month at five thirt-y

Where the sounds of the city are flowin'
If that guy with the beats is showin'
Then I'll be chillin' and clickin'..

My gears to climb
Mount Bea-con, 
And the driva's on Tremont
Will be freakin'

The peds will be spillin'
Their coffee
And dreamin' about joinin'

The Mass is Critical
Loud, obnoxious, not superficial
Helpin' the world and beneficial

Hooooooo, haayyyyy, hooooooo haaaayy. Mass up mass up mass up mass up
Hooooooo, haayyyyy, hooooooo haaaayy mass up mass up mass up

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