[*BCM*] Cambridge po-po sighting

Ariel Salomon ariel at oscillatory.org
Wed Oct 13 11:30:57 EDT 2004

Cambridge cops, especially near Central Sq., will pull you over and
ticket you for minor infractions.

I was given a $10 ticket (or was it $20?) last year for pulling through
a red light at Mass Ave. and Inman St., even though the lights were in a
4-way walk configuration and I don't recall coming anywhere within a
mile of a ped.  Several people came up to me after and asked what the
heck a motorcycle cop was doing pulling me over right in front of city
hall.  According to a couple of friends experiences, it might be
possible to sweet talk them into just a warning if you're lucky.

You have to remember that there's a police station a block away;
presumably they are in part trying to encourage safe riding in light of
some bad accidents near there, but ..

  - Ariel

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 10:53, Dan Barrett wrote:
> On my way in this morning I saw a fellow bike commuter being pulled over 
> by a Cambridge motorcycle cop -- it looked like the biker was 
> getting a ticket.  This was outside the Asgard, at the corner of Mass Ave 
> and Sidney(?).
> Weird.
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