[*BCM*] October riders can light up the night!

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Heidie -


I was one guy who wasn't really offended by your e-mail.  I don't want
to be hit w/commercial stuff either, but you are at least a rider with
our group.  You offered a discount to us!  We haven't been treated so
well since Krispy Kreme gave us free donuts.


Teasing out information is the way this list seems to operate.  Someone
makes a statement, then it gets modified, qualified, corrected or
whatever.  The overall effect is friendly and more info gets out.


I am just glad to have another rider with us at the actual ride.





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Hi Tom et al-


I'm so sorry that my e-mail to the critical mass folks really bummed you
out.  Truth be told, I wasn't trying to do assert that the lights would
provide illuminating qualities that would improve the rider's ability to
see- I simply wanted to say that from the side, your bike is more
visible to others who are sharing the road. This includes pedestrians   


As a person who is still recuperating from a broken back due to being
broadsided a few years ago, I personally believe that it is beneficial
to illuminate the side of your bike.  Heck, I'm considering EL wire for
the Oct. 29th ride.   I wrote the e-mail because so many critical mass
people have approached me about the lights that I figured they could at
least use a URL to explore the item themselves.  Again, to all who may
have been offended by what commercial aspects my e-mail had, I'm deeply
apologetic.   I'll be at Bike Night at Ryles this Monday, volunteering,
and I welcome any who would like to speak to me about the posting.




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