[*BCM*] Bicycles and other messages

Jym Dyer jym at econet.org
Fri Jul 30 00:25:43 EDT 2004

> By introducing your own political agenda, taking advantage of
> the Mass which ha s turned out for one cause - its own - and
> hijacking it in the service of your own, you drive people away
> who otherwise would be regular participants.

=v= Critical Mass is traffic.  If I show up in traffic in a car
with bumper stickers, I'm "introducing my own political agenda."
If I shop up at Critical Mass with bumper stickers (or signs or
flags or flyers with ecological messages), it's no different.

=v= No doubt there's some confusion caused by calling the
Thursday morning ride "Critical Mass," but I don't see why that
should drive anyone away from the Friday night Critical Mass.
No Nukes! Close Seabrook! Stop Critical Mass!

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