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Tom Landers galaxyglue at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 29 17:12:15 EDT 2004

By introducing your own political agenda, taking advantage of the Mass which has turned
out for one cause - its own - and hijacking it in the service of your own, you drive
people away who otherwise would be regular participants.

I haven't ridden in CM since the infamous (unless memories are so short?) ride when the
Wonderful Couch broke down in the middle of Comm Ave.
Some *coward yahoos*, who styled themselves as anarchists, used the opportunity to throw
red paint on a car trapped behind the stopped mass, and then *run away*.
My partner intervened with the furious motorist (one Masser did get knocked down) at
considerable risk to himself.

Nobody (on the list or in person) ever owned up to this stupidity. From what i have seen
in Copley and by the discussion of the DNC ride, little has changed over the years.

If you can't attract followers, it's because people don't agree with your cause.
Don't drag down a worthy cause that people can get behind, for the sake of your selfish
To put it in simplistic terms which ideologues might understand: that would be

--- Jeffrey Taylor <jefctaylor at hotmail.com> wrote:

As far as getting YOUR message or YOUR celebration out at Critical Mass, it is entirely
up to YOU.  If someone with a slightly different message or take on what is happening is
getting more attention, then YOU have to do what it takes to get your message out.  If CM
is about a celebration for you, and you don't like the protesting, bring your party gear
on! (whatever that means).  Each of us has an equal ability to make CM what we each want
it to be.


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