[*BCM*] Are we confused or dilluted, or am I confused and/or disillusioned?

Thomas John Vitolo tjvitolo at bu.edu
Thu Jul 29 15:17:24 EDT 2004

As a long time reader, first time writer, I have to ask a few questions:

1.  When did Critical Mass expand its goals/ambitions from something like
"mo-better bicycle acceptance in society" to something like "We're trying to let
the Democrats know we don't approve of them being pro-war and pro-corporation"?

The second quote comes from some fellow named Joseph riding in CM this morning,
as per the second Globe article posted below.

2.  When did the CM mailing list expand its role from CM organization and
general bicycling questions to a 20 email discussion on so-called "fair trade"?

I ask because while I do agree with the goals of encouraging bicycle use and
encouraging better government involvement with cyclists (bicycle lanes, parks,
police interaction, etc), I don't necessarily agree with additional
socio-political causes "piggybacking" on the cycling motives.  That's not to say
that I think you guys shouldn't think or speak out on those issues; rather, I
worry that the pro-cycling message will get dilluted by the
anti-commercialization and anti-war messages.

So, what gives?

Tommy V




Thomas John Vitolo
Ph D Systems Engineering Candidate,
Boston University

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