[*BCM*] That motorcycle cop on today's ride

Anne Wolfe goannego at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 29 15:14:32 EDT 2004

The incident with the motorcycle cop made the noon Channel Seven news.  Unfortunately
*and maybe this is because people on CM refused to give details, I don't know), while
they mentioned that a "Critical Mass" was trying to be created by the organization, they
seem to  be attributing the "action" to the Black T(ea) Society.  They did acknowledge
that a motorcycle cop ran over the back wheel of a cyclist, but also showed footage of
bike cops trying to get to see what happened there, other cyclists refusing to get out of
the way to let the bike cops through, and one woman who refused to move screaming at a
cop "Don't touch me" when he put his hand on her back to get her to move.
--- d karl critz <dmark at MIT.EDU> wrote:

> The globe's coverage of the police in general and the ride in specific
> has been shoddy. (links below) I wasn't on the ride this morning, so
> I don't feel I have a right to write a letter and correct the Globe on
> its reporting.  If you were there, perhaps you should.
> -k
> ----------------
> * The Globe's coverage of this morning's critical mass does not
> mention the motorcycle cop.
> It's also a bit condescending, saying "It wasn't immediately clear what
> the group was protesting."
> * This article mentions only that there were "no arrests":
> Furthermore, yesterday there was an article in today's globe talking
> about how mellow and friendly the boston cops have been with activists.
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