[*BCM*] Fair Trade Bike Frames & Components?

Moz list at moz.geek.nz
Tue Jul 27 01:04:23 EDT 2004

David said:
> You would need to make ONE  frame (sans fork - we're probably
> specifying Marzocchi suspension forks) to our specifications, which
> we would source in Asia, with you to receive a royalty for every
> frame built there for us.

Isn't that exactly the antithesis of "fair trade"? You get the
craftsman to make a single item, then duplicate it as cheaply as
possible somewhere else? Royalties are such an open question that I
suspect only lawyers would come out of it happy.

Also, from an engineering POV, there's a world of difference between a
design for a craftsman to build, and a design for mass manufacture in
third world conditions. The jump from "thinking, caring" to "just
wants to stay alive" is a biggie, and needs to be catered for in the
design. Since you're not clear on whether Igleheart would be the
designer or simply a local version of your third world sweatshop
inhabitant (or something in between), I can't begin to answer it.

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