[*BCM*] Frufru?

David Hammond dabbotthammond at comcast.net
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There are actually four camps - 

The Lycrazoids, who ride expensive, skinny-tired DF road bikes, and whose riding position naturally predisposes them to look down their noses; 

The Dirt Stoners, who careen down ski slopes on expensive, anorexic motorcycles with pedals, with Long Island Ice Tea in their camelbacks, and who worry about crashing, but not while on their bikes; 

The Bents, who lean back, put their feet up, and ride a few miles to their next pee stop on their beach-chairs-on-wheels.  The Bents typically wear too-tight jeans and a tee-shirt signed by Brad Delp from Boston's 1981 tour, and only get injured when their beards get caught in the one of the bike's 5 or 6 chain tensioners.  

Then there's the Electric Assist crowd, the Lead-Acids (asses), overweight retired electronics engineers with black tape on their bifocals and turn signals mounted on the backs of their helmets.  

Each camp disrespects the other three - 

"Hey, do those pants come with a studded dog collar?"

"Dude, that buzzing's your Psychos slapping asphalt, not your nerves saying 'it's Miller Time'."

"Hey, man, I thought wheelchairs had their wheels side-by-side!"

"Yo, dude, THAT'S CHEATING!!"  (usually shouted by the passenger in a Lincoln Navigator with a couple of +$3,000.00 bikes racked on the back....)

and each camp thinks they're god's gift to the world of transportation.

Let's bring all four camps under one big strong tent before each camp gets flooded out by the rain of corporate bull-puckey emanating from Washington.

Dave Hammond

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  So I assume you're the Prius and I'm the SUV.  So much for my bonafides. Harumph. What about those who are both transportational and recreational riders?  Hybrid SUV's?  Protest Non-voters?  

  Hey, the sun came out. I'm going to take my bike for a ride in my Hummer  (it's a 2, so it's OK).


  Seriously, though, are there really two camps?  Are there real issues between them?

  turtle wrote: 
Boston Critical Mass <list at bostoncriticalmass.org> wrote: 
  frufru?  What, a schism between recreational and transportational?  Is 
this like naderite progresives vs ABB progressives? 
Yep!  :-)

It's similar to the schism between the SUV types and the Toyota Prius

what's an ABB progressive?  Oh, I think I get it, Anybody But Bush?
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