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David Goligorsky eightmind at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 19 16:46:28 EDT 2004

my contribution:
I have a few comments on your article.
Drivers and cyclists alike know how poorly planned Boston roads are. It's for this reason that
cycling has become such a viable means of transportation. Bikers avoid gas, insurance, parking,
and expensive repair while reaching their destination in a competetive amount of time. There are
indeed faults with cyclists, like the ones you mention who ride abreast, but there are innumerable
drivers whose licences should have been revoked and cause much more damage than any cyclist could.
Seeing cyclists on sidewalks makes me wince. Bikes are much more dangerous where pedestrians are
walking every which way and not looking out for non-pedestrian traffic.
The answer isn't putting cyclists in bright jerseys- it's taking the initiative to put in bicycle
lanes. These are available in Cambridge and sucessfully allow safe passage for bicycles without
interfering with automotive traffic.
If cyclists slowing down traffic is a growing issue for you, you should pursue it by contacting
local authorities on transportation. Bikes in Boston will never disappear, but we would all be
happy with bike lanes.

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