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Mon Jul 19 15:36:12 EDT 2004

someone forwarded this "editorial" to me... 
hard to believe the TAB even printed this...

I am not sure I have ever read a more insipid attack on/defense of cyclists 
before...what was the point of the article:  that we should watch out for 
bikes?  that cyclists deserve abuse by motorists and if they get killed, well, they 
asked for it? do you know that it is illegal to ride bicycles on the 
sidewalks in Massachsuetts? of course you don't.   and your article indicated no 
recollection of the law that requires cars and bikes to share the road even if 
impedes speeding traffic.  Rather than look at the bigger picture of cyclist 
safety and why people cycle beyond the "fun of it", you wrote a very lazy article 
that offends the serious cyclist and irresponsibly makes light of serious 
safety issues.

If you want to be provocative and write something interesting, do some 
homework.  Cycling is a form of transport that precedes the invention and use of 
motorized vehicles, is used by many thousands of commuters worldwide each day, 
has no detrimental effects on air quality, has very positive effects on physical 
conditioning, reduces our dependence on unsustainable sources of energy 
(oil).   Better yet, before one writes about something one knows nothing about, 
he/she should try to experience it first hand..in this case, maybe it is asking 
too much, all that huffing and puffing, you know.

next time you see bikers on the road, remember this: they have every right to 
the road as you do.  I have found that bikers are much more skilled  in 
accommodating drivers than vice-versa, despite being as outnumbered as we are.  And 
do us all a favor, spare your readers misinformation until you've researched 
your subject more responsibly.


Tim Smith
Bike Commuter since 1973
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