[*BCM*] Horrifying editorial in the TAB

Lee Peters lfpeters at eltonhamptonarchitects.com
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Yea, PJ O'Rourke did one of these anti-bike articles about 12 years ago,
except it was funny.



This is straight-up illegal according to the manual.  What an idiot.


"Occasionally I spot a bicyclist actually using the sidewalk, where one
is present, to ensure his or her own safety, which I usually respond to
by giving that biker dude a thumbs-up or a pumped-fist "Rock On" sign to
demonstrate my approval."






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thanks for sending, max....it really is a stupid

hard to figure what the guy's point is other than to demonstrate how
much of a moron he is.


next time he steps off the curb, I say seven of us, riding abreast, take
him out...

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