[*BCM*] chimp on bike

Ari Pollak ajp at aripollak.com
Sun Dec 26 11:09:20 EST 2004

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), the 
picture wasn't actually of him _on_ the bike, it was of him standing 
next to the bike, which was in what looked like a single-bike stand. I'm 
not going to post the picture to the list because of copyright blah blah 
blah, but it wasn't really that exciting.
As for your comments:
- Him listening to music on headphones while riding would probably 
explain a lot of the accidents he's gotten into while on the trail. 
"Hey, Mr. President! Watch out for that big... oh, whatever, you can't 
hear me anyway."
- Other articles say he mostly likes to ride on trails around his Texas 
- Kerry rides a $7000 road bike (when he's not being driven around in SUVs)

Lee Peters wrote:
> Pg. 39 of this month's TIME magazine features the "Person of the Year" 
> on a bicycle (sorry the picture isn't online).  Analysis of this image 
> brings up a number questions about this person.  I picked up the rag at 
> the inlaws house on Christmas Day.
> Is it safe or legal to operate a bicycle while listening to headphones?
> Are the headphones merely the "sport" version of the wire worn during 
> the debates?
> Is this one of the rare moments in which the person is not using, 
> challenging environmental science by promoting, sending soldiers off to 
> die for, profiting from, or pumping OIL?
> Is it safe or legal to operate a bicycle on the wrong side of the 
> street? (perhaps the image is flipped, this happens).
> Is there a "Powerbar" laced with fine Colombian blow in the seat pack?
> Is the person on a $3100 bike really, really into bikes, or just a rich 
> daddy's boy?
> Is the suspension fork installed as a preemptive response to a pothole?
> Will a bug fly into the rider's opened mouth?
> Has the computer odometer broken into double digits yet?
> Will the bike ever be ridden at night with only reflectors?
> Why are there product placement adverts for Yahoo, Trek, Oakley, Rock 
> Shox, and Giro?
> Is the bottle cage designed to hold a bottle of "Jack"?  If so, where is 
> it?
> Will the bike be ridden to the inauguration?
> & finally:
> How can I get a chance to ride in a safe place such as the Secret 
> Service Training facility?

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