[*BCM*] chimp on bike

Lee Peters lfpeters at gis.net
Sun Dec 26 11:01:49 EST 2004

Pg. 39 of this month's TIME magazine features the "Person of the Year" 
on a bicycle (sorry the picture isn't online).  Analysis of this image 
brings up a number questions about this person.  I picked up the rag at 
the inlaws house on Christmas Day.

Is it safe or legal to operate a bicycle while listening to headphones?
Are the headphones merely the "sport" version of the wire worn during 
the debates?
Is this one of the rare moments in which the person is not using, 
challenging environmental science by promoting, sending soldiers off to 
die for, profiting from, or pumping OIL?
Is it safe or legal to operate a bicycle on the wrong side of the 
street? (perhaps the image is flipped, this happens).
Is there a "Powerbar" laced with fine Colombian blow in the seat pack?
Is the person on a $3100 bike really, really into bikes, or just a rich 
daddy's boy?
Is the suspension fork installed as a preemptive response to a pothole?
Will a bug fly into the rider's opened mouth?
Has the computer odometer broken into double digits yet?
Will the bike ever be ridden at night with only reflectors?
Why are there product placement adverts for Yahoo, Trek, Oakley, Rock 
Shox, and Giro?
Is the bottle cage designed to hold a bottle of "Jack"?  If so, where is it?
Will the bike be ridden to the inauguration?

& finally:
How can I get a chance to ride in a safe place such as the Secret 
Service Training facility?


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