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Discounts for biking throughout the US.

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** Summer 2015 Bike Love!

** We are always looking for ambassadors and champions that are excited to help further biking in their communities and integrate the Bicycle Benefits concept and intent of the program into their towns and cities.  As some of you already know, we are 100% volunteer run...so we aren't paying anyone a regular paycheck.  Therefore, we have some money to give away!  We generate revenue in sticker sales and attempt to put all of it back into biking. There are infinite ways to move biking forward and here are some different ways that you can do it.  It's summer we know and summer is for playing....so this is a game...and there can be many winners!  Be one of them...wave the flag for better biking!


** 2015 Bike Benefits Challenge!

** If you can complete all 10 of these, we will mail you $100 or an equivalent gift card at your favorite Bicycle Benefits location.  If you complete 5, we will send you $10.
1. Have a letter printed (before October 1) in a local publication which promotes biking and furthering healthy transportation in your community. (send us the link)
2. Get a person on a bike who hasn't ridden in over a year (picture/video)
3. Get a new business to join Bicycle Benefits
4. Get rid of your car or driver’s license this month (we're not kidding...you're friend has one if you need one)
5. Hang out at a popular commuting route for the morning and give out treats or something cool to bike commuters. This is super fun..it's like playing Santa for bikers (photo/video)
6. Get someone biking to work this coming week who hasn't done it before. (photo/video)
7. Make a short video about Bicycle Benefits or biking and send it our way. (needs to be PG or PG-13)
8. Take 10 biking or Bicycle Benefits related photos and send them to us.
9. Put on an event that promotes everyday bike riding (flyer or picture of gathering)
10. Be an ambassador for Bicycle Benefits for a day and bike around your city and check in with businesses or go to an event and spread the word.
11. EXTRA CREDIT:  Create a bike related project in your community that will last over time.  Ideas could be setting up a bike fix it station, maybe a bicycle-resource board.  Perhaps distributing bicycle floor pumps to area Bicycle Benefits businesses (heck, we can pay for them) or setting up a Bicycle Benefits program if your city doesn't have one yet.

*Must be completed by October 1st and sent to ian at bicyclebenefits.org

Some of projects that we are working on or launching include:

Bike! Bingo http://bicyclebenefits.us1.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=bbea8788751d2855614d88261&id=6ab8c8aa00&e=939ac7ab43
Bicycle Buddy www.bicyclebuddy.org
Bike to School Grant http://bicyclebenefits.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=bbea8788751d2855614d88261&id=72d01eb674&e=939ac7ab43
Our new website and mobile version: http://bicyclebenefits.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=bbea8788751d2855614d88261&id=1e673bf58d&e=939ac7ab43  (please send us all of your feedback)

Please let us know if any businesses that honor Bicycle Benefits have gone out of business etc. Sometimes our reach isn't as far as we'd like it to be.

Also, as always, Bicycle Benefits is here because of the people.  These include the incredible ambassadors who are bringing the program to the people, the business owners who believe in biking and join the program, the employees that honor your little biking badge and you the bike rider for being out there in the world pedaling your way...keep the wheels turning and send us your thoughts, ideas and how we can keep moving the our engines ahead!

Pedal people!

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Ian at bicyclebenefits.org

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