[*BCM*] Memory of Eric M. Hunt

Silivrenion silivrenion at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 23:15:42 EDT 2010

No problem Thom. Just the conversations are completely different, and
unrelated. BCM has different definitions to everyone, but I'll tell you,
I'll never participate in a ride if the ride breaks the rules of the road.
I'm the one that always stops at red lights, not just because it's safer,
but because it gives you a little rest before moving on. Oh, and you can get
ticketed for breaking traffic regulations on a bike (one of the reasons I
don't feel too bad for BCM when police forces intervene... don't break
traffic laws and you won't be in trouble! Bikes equal vehicles, after all.)

Anyway, I digress..

I'm reading through some of the information available, and it's kind of
interesting. Apparently he had "150 feet" between when he got stuck in the
rivet and lost control at the bus. I'll tell you a properly equipped bike at
400 lbs can stop within 20 feet at most, 10 if you brake hard traveling at
15 MPH. That's with full disc brakes and feet stability.

I'd almost say it was the bus' fault, but the bike he was riding, from the
looks of the photo, is a fixed gear bike, probably with limited braking
potential. Doesn't Massachusetts law determine a minimum distance for a
bicycle to come to a halt during all-brakes on?

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